Alaska in the Summer

Alaska in the Summer

This photo was taken by my incredibly talented brother, Jackson, on a trip to Hooper Bay, AK in the summer of 2007. I love everything about this photo, it has been my wallpaper ever since he got home! 

Jackson is a wonderful, thoughtful, and funny brother. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for the past eighteen years :). We have shared so many fun memories together and gone on more than a few adventures. One of my favorites was when my mom had just come home from the hospital, and we, being the crazy little kids, snuck out during nap time. We hiked through the jungles of our backyard until we reached the border, a tall fence separating us from paradise. We climbed up and jumped over into the unknown. There was so much to explore, a large body of water and so many plants that we didn’t have in our country (yard). We went swimming in the water (even though it was October) and picked mom a nice bouquet of weeds…or so we thought. Realizing that nap time was almost over we jumped the fence and ran home in our soaking wet clothes. We quickly changed and went to our rooms. It wasn’t long though until we realized that the weeds we picked were poison ivy leaves. However, it wasn’t until much later that we found out that the sparkling waters we had been swimming in were quite polluted from a sewage pipe that had burst. Yes, those were good old days with Jack.


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