…random thoughts…

I got my haircut yesterday. Chris, my stylist, and I were talking about how everything and everyone seems to be flying past us. Time is flying, it seems as like it’s out of control. It was just yesterday that I was a freshman at Gordon College being left in Massachusetts as my family went home to North Carolina. Now, I’m a junior and back in good old NC. It’s all so odd and strange. People are getting older and the necessary changes that come with growth, maturity and age are occurring, but me, I feel the same, nothing new is happening. My sister, Cote, is getting married in September. I am extremely happy for her. I can’t wait to celebrate with her, she has been waiting for this for a very long time. She will be a beautiful bride. Anyway, I guess, it’s just an odd sensation and feeling of monotony, all the while, everyone else’s lives are dynamic and full of good change. 

Other things…You know, I think I have an obsession with coats and jackets. I am constantly buying them, though I am sure I already have enough. Any style and any kind will do. I love nice, wool/cashmere coats and cute blazers, but I also love a good soft shell, rain jacket, and heavier duty coats for the snow…my next purchases are going to be the Mountain Hardware Monkey jacket and Marmot precip jacket. 

Still thoroughly enjoying my War and American Society class. We are now onto the Mexican War. We are reading Henry David Thoreau for our discussion tomorrow. I haven’t really even started it yet, but once I am done I am sure that I will have much to say about it. 

Bye, for now. ~Gem


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