Fun Things


NYC Fashion Week

NYC Fashion Week

Some More of My Favorite Things

*Fashion — I think it’s so fun to be creative and combine things in unusual ways. I love beautiful clothes and unique fabrics/prints. A beautifully cut jacket or perfectly draped dress excites me. It is always so much fun to dress up, though I rarely have the occasion to do so. I do think that it is important to feel comfortable in what you wear and to find your own unique sense of style. I wear what I love. I love a classic sheath dress, a perfectly cut cashmere coat, and a beautiful pair of heels.

*Photography — I don’t claim to be a professional, in fact I am not even an amateur! I am nothing yet. I just enjoy expressing my creativity through this medium. It is so much fun to play with the lighting and colors and then edit on photoshop! I am still learning and trying to improve. 

*Travel — I LOVE to travel. It is definitely my favorite past-time. I am ready to go at any second. I would jump on a plane without knowing the destination just for the experience and adventure of it all. Lately I have really wanted to go to Morocco…or Israel…or Turkey. I also really want to learn another language. I am working on my Spanish-sadly, I am losing it due to the fact that I never use it-and Portuguese, which is really cool and beautiful, but kind of hard to learn.


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