Crunch Time

This semester is almost over — only five more weeks of school! That is so exciting, but not nearly enough time to finish all the projects and papers that are due at the end of April. I feel like I am always so busy and never have time to do the things that really matter. Days go by and I realize I haven’t made time for the things that are really important in life.
I can’t wait for summer. It’s so weird, the older I get the busier my summers get. It’s kind of sad on one hand — my friends don’t come home and everyone is traveling, working, going on adventures, but it’s not together anymore. I remember back in high school when everyone stayed at home except for a week at camp and a week for family vacation. We would all make our way to the greenway and play ultimate frisbee, compete in different relay races and enjoy the weather (it’s usually in the 70s during the summer in the mountains). Then we would all cram into a car or walk to the icecream place. Those were the days 🙂 I miss it, but am excited about what’s to come. It’s hard to believe that I am finishing up my junior year already. One more year and then I will be looking for a real job and be on my own. To be honest, that is not just a little scary. It never really hit me that once I graduated I would be on my own, without my parents right there. I’ve also realized that I really just want to be a wife and a mom. I always thought I would go on to grad school, get my master’s and my PhD and go on and have a lengthy and successful career, but not anymore. I don’t have any desire to have a career in anything besides being a wife and mom. Kind of a 180…
ok, well bye for now. gotta work on some research…


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