A Parka and Flip-Flops

The only thing that keeps me from hating one class in particular is the fact that I know I will be entertained by the strange outfits that my classmates wear. Here are some of the most interesting cases…

 Subject #1 – “A Parka and Flip-Flops”

To be honest, I never quite understand the rationale behind her outfits. Let me see if I can explain and give you an idea of the kind of person I have observed her to be. She failed this class last semester, so she is retaking it, but once again, is failing to apply herself and has a low D. However, with all that being said, she is quite outspoken and tries to be buddy buddy with the professor by being assertive about her liberal views, although I don’t think it has helped much. Now, onto her confusing style. She is one paradox after another; outdoorsy, but not really; preppy, yet emo; she seems to care, but then doesn’t. It’s confusing. Anyway, today, I was particularly confused as she was wearing a parka (not a light one, but a heavy mountain hardwear down jacket) and then there were the Jack Rogers sandals. She paired this horrendous outfit with ill-fitting skinny jeans and very large plain orange T-Shirt and a Muslim prayer shawl. Maybe she should just get a Burka and be done with it.


Subject #2 – “I Shop at Kohl’s”

This young lady looks like she just stepped out of a Kohl’s junior department ad. Enough said.


Subject #3 – “Big and Bold”

This girl is big and she knows it. But she’s also blonde and loves that. She has an obnoxious bald eagle tattoo on her left shoulder that she makes sure is always showing. It’s not pleasant. Even when it’s cold and winter she wears tank and tube tops or low backed shirts that look like they were purchased at Rave for a couple of dollars. Some people just don’t understand the value of covering up a little bit more…


Subject #4 – “I am not unique”

This girl is a victim of the lies of high school that says that if you put on some American Eagle, Hollister and Abercrombie you will be good to go. She looks like everyone else. Tight little Henley shirts with low camis underneath and some really tight, hip-hugging, destroyed jeans on the bottom with a pair of rainbows or topsiders. You know the drill – the hair is either straight or scrunched and even her handwriting is the big bubbly script of high school “preps.” (I hate how the word preppy has come to mean American Eagle, Hollister, etc and a pair of topsiders with a polo thrown in, total misuse of the word.)