Captain Courageous

It’s been an eventful couple of days around here. Just when you think things are getting slow and boring, BOOOOM! BANG! something happens to snap you out of it and wake you up to reality. Well, last night my brother, Captain Courageous, was taking a leisurely stroll down our street to clear his head when he heard a loud scream from a neighboring house that is under construction. It is one of our neighbor’s hobbies to build houses and he has been working on this house for years. So, Captain Courageous went running into the house and found the wife of the man frantically screaming and the man laying on the floor bleeding horribly with lots of blood surrounding him. Captain C ran out, called 911 and went to get my mom for help. We aren’t sure how long he was laying there, but he had lost a lot of blood by the time he was found. The medics and fireman then came and took him to the hospital and then he was flown to the nearest trauma center. Anyway, it was quite an evening. 

Today, my brother and a friend were out biking when they heard another scream and loud cry for help. There was a lady screaming for someone to save her dog. My brother, being the courageous hero he is, ran and jumped into the river to save the dog. The water was high and the current strong, but he and the dog made it out (thankfully!). The woman was extremely thankful and rewarded him with $200 and $150 for his friend. So, anywho…we’ve now dubbed him Captain Courageous and put a sign on his door to make it official.

I think that it’s pretty much universal that we are fascinated by the superhero, the good guy who saves the day. Sure, the superhero isn’t always SpiderMan or Batman and not everyone loves comic book heroes, but we all loved the stories of the recent plane crash into the Hudson River where the men were actually men and sacrificed for those weaker than themselves or the men who sacrifice everything everyday for our freedoms here at home. Merriam-Webster defines a hero as a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities; one that shows great courage. I am going to start posting stories and other writings about some of my heroes.