From Milano to Roma – My Italian Adventure Pt 5

THURSDAY || Citta di Castello

Firenze was so much fun, but it pretty much wiped us all out. Between the traveling (which really does take up a lot of energy), walking around the city and SHOPPING (this took a lot out of me — financially and physically 🙂 we were pooped by the end of the day. So, we decided to have a low key Thursday. We all slept in and got up and had a leisurely breakfast and then headed out to Citta di Castello mid morning. Citta di Castello, or literally, “The City of Castles” is a 45 minute bus ride from Sansepolcro. Bekah led us around some of the pretty sites around the city and took us to a couple of markets. Overall it was just a nice laid back day in between our hectic Firenze day and the next day, which would be even crazier, Roma day. Citta di Castello was a beautiful little town with lots of old castles!


The View from the Park


Citta di Castello


Citta di Castello


Jamie, Sarah, Bekah

We finally remembered to get a group shot! It was SO freezing cold that day. I was totally wishing that I had brought my warm cashmere coat! Oh well, I made it. At least I brought some scarves and had that jacket (again, R, I am grateful).


the town again


the church in citta di castello

it doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it was one of the most magnificent on the inside. It really was beautiful. Bekah said that she thought that they ran out of money or something and didn’t finish the outside…


restaurant where we had lunch

This is where Vivian treated us all to lunch! Isn’t she generous? I must say, it was delicious. We really just stumbled upon this little place as we were wandering. Bekah had eaten at a different place the last time she was there and said that it was only so so and that we should try a new place. So, we found ourselves on a little back street in front of this cute place and decided to give it a whirl. We definitely made the right decision. We wanted to eat outside, but it was much too cold for that. Maybe next summer — Sabby, what do you say? 🙂 We went in and sat down and enjoyed a glass of white wine while we examined the menu. I got the carbonara which was excellent. Vivian got some yummy polenta, Bekah also got the carbonara and Sarah got a calzone. After lunch we headed back to the bus station. We arrived thirty minutes too early though. So, even though we had just eaten we went to a bar and got some coffee to keep us warm. It was so pretty outside that we decided that we might be warm enough with our coffee and the sun to sit outside. Then the bus came and we went back to Sansepolcro. We got back to the Palazzo and I studied for a while and then Sarah and I played cards. Later on in the afternoon the girls came back from a biology field trip and I caught Dr. S and asked for a private tutoring session on photosynthesis. She was kind enough to sit down and answer all of my questions plus some. She was amazing. I actually learned a lot and had fun too! She made biology come alive, it was interesting and even enjoyable! Thanks a lot Dr. S! Later on that evening we went back to Sara and Patrizio’s house. We had a lot of fun playing with the kids again.


playing checkers


how cute are they?

We didn’t stay too late because we knew we had to get up early the next morning to catch the train to Roma! On the way back to Chiara’s apartment Sarah and I were alone and it was kind of dark. We’re just walking along and all the sudden Sarah screams and takes off running. Of course, I scream as well and start running after her. It was so funny, we both take off running down the street and don’t stop until we get inside the apartment building. I think it was just a cat or something, but we weren’t going to stop to find out!

Well, tomorrow we go to Roma! Ciao!