From Milano to Roma – My Italian Adventure Pt 6.5

This is a funny little story that I forgot to mention in part 6, so here is 6.5! On my way to the Colosseo from the Vatican I was in the metro station when someone comes up from behind me and taps my shoulder. I turned around to see three cute British women standing there. Their leader spoke first and said, “Excuse me, do you speak english?” I replied, “Yes, I do!” They all got very excited and giddy, exclaiming among themselves, “She speaks English! Mary, she speaks English!” I thought it was cute. So, they asked me for directions to the Colosseo and thankfully I was able to direct them. Then the train came and NO ONE was able to get on and some people couldn’t get off due to the doors opening for a very short time. It was sad. But fine. So, then all of the ladies linked arms and started singing in very robust voices, “We all stand together!” This went on for about two minutes (which I might add seems like a very long time…). Then the train came back and we got on it and they started asking me all of these questions about Roma (thankfully they were all things that I could actually answer, how that happened, I don’t know…) Then they asked me where I worked…haha, they thought I was from Roma. I had to explain that I had only been there for about 5 hours at this point. They were so cute, they all started clamoring, “Only five hours! Oh my, it’s lucky we ran into you! Well, we all stand together!” It was absolutely hysterical! I loved them. They made my day!


From Milano to Roma – My Italian Adventure Pt 6


Friday was another very early morning for us. We got up and had to be at the bus station by 7am. We rode a bus all the way to Roma. Three and a half very long hours. It was kind of funny, we got on the bus and then a little while later we were pulling into a huge parking lot with tons of buses. They told us that due to technical difficulties we had to change buses. I was glad we didn’t break down. We pretty much slept the entire way there.

**Thanks to my super duper wonderful brother, Jackson. He was so kind and let me take his iTouch with me all the way to Italy. Oddly enough, I don’t have an iPod. It’s sad, I know. I was so glad I had his with me though. There were so many buses and trains and the iPod was a very nice thing indeed.

We arrived in Roma and noted the bus stop location and then headed to the nearest metro station. We went to the Colosseo first, but it didn’t open until 1pm, so we went to the Vatican. Sarah, Vivian and I went in and Bekah went off to get coffee and agreed to meet us at the Colosseo around 1pm. The three of us went in to the museum and bought our tickets (I got a student discount 🙂 I knew that this education had to be good for something).


In a Courtyard


the floor




the ceiling

It’s hard to explain how over the top and overwhelming everything it is to be inside. It’s all gorgeous, but there is so much to look at in every single nook and cranny that, at least I got overwhelmed trying not to miss anything.


illegal pictures in the Sistine Chapel -- oops 🙂




another illegal photograph...sorry



Well there’s the Vatican Museum in a very small nutshell. It’s even pretty overwhelming just trying to describe it here. Everything is over the top with gold and massive paintings and frescoes everywhere. Even the floors are magnificent mosaics and the ceilings and the handrails and the door knobs…seriously, it goes on and on and then you realize what you are looking at, I mean how old everything is and what it represents and gets even more overwhelming. It takes time to process everything.

Well, after the Sistine Chapel Sarah and Vivian left and headed back to the Colosseo. There was still stuff that I wanted to see though, so I agreed to meet them at the Colosseo around 2:30pm. So, I wandered around for a little while longer. When I finished my stomach, as you can probably imagine, was demanding some food. So, I left and found a little cafe and got a sandwich and something to drink. I found a little bench across the street from some nice ruins and enjoyed the view and the sunshine. I contemplated getting some gelato afterwards, but decided against it for fear that I would be late and miss our meeting spot. Turns out I had plenty of time, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, I guess. I headed over to the Colosseo and quickly found Vivian. She said that the girls would be out soon. They weren’t, which was fine with me, I totally wanted them to stay in as long as they wanted and really enjoy it. I wandered around and took some pictures of the outside while I waited.




another one


peeking inside


a cool building



Still waiting, so I took some more pictures to entertain myself…


colosseo + sun




yet another angle


the arch again...told you i was getting bored


people dressed up as romans

I had to be discreet when taking this picture because if they saw you taking pictures they would charge you a couple of euros. 🙂



call me crazy, but I love this blurry picture…I love the color and the blobs. I think it’s cool. Ok, so by now I was running out of stuff to do, but I couldn’t really leave and there wasn’t time for me to go inside. Vivian and I are sitting on a curb just kind of waiting for the girls. I struck up a conversation (which is totally unlike me) with an old man sitting next to me. He sells cars in Roma. He buys them from South Korea. I’m from South Korea. Then he left. I reviewed the million pictures that I had taken of the Colosseo and then Vivian exclaims, “Look at all those priests!” I look up and see:


the priests who weren't priests

a bunch of guys dressed in matching suits (you can’t see the rest, but there were quite a few). I replied, “Vivian, THEY are most definitely not priests. They look like athletes, probably soccer.” So, I took this picture trying to read the badge on the guys jacket. I still couldn’t tell for sure though. But then people started to recognize them and get their pictures taken. We both realized that they were definitely athletes. We decided I should get a picture with them and find out for sure who they were. So here it is


My New Friends from AS Roma

They were really nice about the picture. They were the first famous people that I met on this trip, but not the last! Soon after this Bekah and Sarah came back out and we headed back to the bus station. We got back to Sansepolcro around 7ish and made dinner reservations for 8pm at an adorable, tiny restaurant called La Mura. It’s one of Bekah’s favorites and I understand why! It was delicious. We ate and then went our separate ways; B to the Palazzo and Sarah and I to Chiara’s. We were pretty darn exhausted and had to pack. The next day we would be traveling North to Milano — about a five hour train ride + an hour bus ride from Sansepolcro to Arezzo. More on that fun journey tomorrow!

Oh really fast, this is kind of funny. Italians weren’t really sure where I was from, which was kind of fun. They spoke to me in Italian most of the time. I liked feeling like a native. Obviously I look Korean, because I am, but there are a lot of Asians in Italy who speak Italian, but they didn’t automatically think that I was an American. Like in H&M I was in line for the dressing room and the three people in front of me looked like Americans, so the girl spoke to them in English, but she spoke to me in Italian and I just said “si.” I don’t know why that pleases me so much. I guess I like blending. 🙂 I just confuse people.