From Milano to Roma – My Italian Adventure Pt 6.5

This is a funny little story that I forgot to mention in part 6, so here is 6.5! On my way to the Colosseo from the Vatican I was in the metro station when someone comes up from behind me and taps my shoulder. I turned around to see three cute British women standing there. Their leader spoke first and said, “Excuse me, do you speak english?” I replied, “Yes, I do!” They all got very excited and giddy, exclaiming among themselves, “She speaks English! Mary, she speaks English!” I thought it was cute. So, they asked me for directions to the Colosseo and thankfully I was able to direct them. Then the train came and NO ONE was able to get on and some people couldn’t get off due to the doors opening for a very short time. It was sad. But fine. So, then all of the ladies linked arms and started singing in very robust voices, “We all stand together!” This went on for about two minutes (which I might add seems like a very long time…). Then the train came back and we got on it and they started asking me all of these questions about Roma (thankfully they were all things that I could actually answer, how that happened, I don’t know…) Then they asked me where I worked…haha, they thought I was from Roma. I had to explain that I had only been there for about 5 hours at this point. They were so cute, they all started clamoring, “Only five hours! Oh my, it’s lucky we ran into you! Well, we all stand together!” It was absolutely hysterical! I loved them. They made my day!



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