From Milano to Roma – My Italian Adventure Pt 7


Sarah and I got up late Saturday morning and finished packing our things and had breakfast. Sarah was so on top of things and had brought thank you notes to write for Chiara and the Falaschi’s (Sara and Patrizio). She graciously shared with me! We wrote our thank you notes and then gathered our bags up and headed through the town to the Palazzo. Saturday is a market day in Sansepolcro, so it was a bit of a challenge getting through the streets with all of our luggage. But we made it. We met Bekah and then walked over together to say goodbye to Sara and the kids (Patrizio had to work at the hospital that day).

The kids were so cute and had gotten so attached by now. They cried and cried when we left. They are a bit of a handful, but oh so precious! Leonardo is so cute always ready to play a game (we played checkers and had a couple of very intense sword fights — I lost everytime…). Ginevre is adorable and so cuddly. She loved playing with hair — she would climb up behind you and just start playing with your hair. Oh and Veronica, such a cutie. She was quite an active little girl, always getting into something or another. I loved every moment with them — what a treat to get to be in their home, share meals with them and have a blast playing with Leo, Ginevre and Veronica!

After that Sarah and I said our goodbyes to Bekah, our wonderful hostess. She was the best tour guide ever and an entirely competent translator! Thanks to her and Amber we had an incredible experience — they knew were to go and what to do and also the things that aren’t really worth it. Then we caught our bus to Arezzo and made sure we had the right information in order to buy our train tickets from there to Milano. We arrived right on time in Arezzo and had about 45 minutes to wait for our train. Sarah stayed with our stuff and I walked across the street and bought our tickets. I must say that I was quite proud of myself — I used my limited, but oh so expanded knowledge from that week, of Italian! It worked! Then we ducked into a nearby bar and had a cappuccino. From there we headed to the platform, or binario. We were still a little early and the sign above the track that we thought was ours said, “FIRENZE” so we were a bit confused, so I asked a very nice older lady (again using only Italian, I’m quite proud of this) and she informed me that the train to Firenze came right before ours, but indeed I was at the right track. So we waited. Then we got on the train and into our car. A very nice man helped us get our luggage on the racks — our bags were very heavy and he was kind about that! Anyway, then we realized that our seats weren’t together! That was kind of weird, but I went and found my seat at the other end of the car and settled in. The box that Sarah was in was stuffed! But mine was a little more spacious — out of the six seats, only three were filled. I studied for a while and read and watched the scenery go by.

We finally arrived in Milano around 7pm. All of our luggage was still with Sarah, so I went down there to get it out before we actually arrived at the station. An adorable couple was sitting there and the husband helped us get our bags down. We thanked him profusely and told the woman that she had a very gentlemanly husband and she responded saying, “Oh, yes, the very best. See girls, there are good, good men in this world!” I loved that — she was so proud of her man and they both looked so happy, glowing really. I was the first of the two of us to get off of the train and it was disastrous. The bull (from Pt 1 in the galleria) had served me well this week, but I should have known that something would happen sooner or later, at least once! So, I was on the steps getting off of the train with my extremely heavy bag going down in front of me — bad idea. Well this guy was trying to help me, but it was dark and I didn’t really see him and the bag was seriously weighing and pulling me down–oh gravity–and finally it became too much for me and the bag fell and then I came right after it, falling on top of the man trying to help me! It was so funny and bad all at the same time. I apologized to the guy and tried to stop laughing, but couldn’t and of course, Sarah is in hysterics, dying laughing at me from behind. What can I say, it was bound to happen! We quickly met Amber at track 14 and hurried to her apartment so that we could drop our stuff off and meet Kim, Davide & Deborah, Simione, Michael, Theresa and her cousin at the Navigli for an aperitivo. So we quickly dropped our stuff off (no, we decided not to climb the 85 stairs, but to leave it under the stairs).

We went to an aperitivo place in the Navigli area, which is the area with all of the canals, think Venice, those kind of canals in the streets…

The Navigli at Night

Sadly, my camera battery died and I exploded the charger the night before, so there are no pictures from our last evening in Milano. 😦 So, we went to the aperitivo and had a great time visiting. I got to talk to Kim for a while and we had a lovely time. You should definitely check out her etsy store, Southern Lemonade. That night I had a negroski — it was good, but oh so strong! Then after that we went to what we thought was going to be a jazz and blues concert, but ended up being more of a pop/alternative band with an annoying lead singer. But we still enjoyed it and had fun. Michael really, really, really didn’t like the girl who was the lead singer…it was kind of amusing to watch actually. That was cool, except for the fact that the drinks cost €10 and you had to buy one since there was no cover charge. Oh well, I’m over it. It was Italian drink night, so Amber told me that I had to have a limoncella before I left Italy, so that’s what I got. After that we walked back to Simione’s car (the metro had shut down for the night and he was kind enough to give us a ride back to Amber’s apartment). Sarah and Simione enjoyed the nighttime stroll and conversation along the romantic navigli, while Amber and Kim and I enjoyed watching 🙂

We got back in around 2:30am and got up around 6:15am to go to the airport. This ended up being kind of stressful. The bus took longer than we had expected and then we got off at the wrong terminal and had to get back on. Malpensa has the weirdest thing ever…the check in for the different airlines are spread out all over the place and they are only labeled with numbers, but there isn’t a chart that shows how the numbers correspond to the airlines. So we asked a few airport employees and no one could tell us where Continental was located, by now, it’s getting closer to our boarding time and we were getting anxious and tired of lugging our bags around. We finally found it and then rushed to our gate and bought something to eat and then boarded soon after.

The views of the Alps from the plane were absolutely breathtaking. I looked out the window for a while and tried to get some studying done and then watched part of “The Brother’s Bloom” and then tried to get some more studying done. We landed on US soil and had to get through customs and then get to a different terminal and through security again. We made it to our gate and made some phone calls and waited for our flight. Then we found out it had been delayed. So we ate dinner and hung out at the gate.

We were sitting at our gate waiting to hear news about when we would finally be getting out of there and on our way to Raleigh. So, I’m just sitting in my chair and this guy comes and sits next to me. He was wearing a hat, so I couldn’t quite tell, but I was pretty sure that it was Matt Morrison, from Glee (it’s kind of funny, because earlier on we had been talking with Jason about his show choir days and how similar they were to Glee). He turned to me and asked me if I would mind watching his bags while he went to get a bottle of water. I said that was fine and when he returned I said, “Can I ask you a question?” He said that I could and so I asked, “is your name…” and he replied positively and then we struck up a conversation and talked about Italy for a while and travel. Then we talked about careers and college and life…He was really friendly and very normal. So that was the excitement from that night. We finally made it out of there and were on our way to Raleigh. We were exhausted when we finally made it home, so we were really kind of punchy, well at least I was. We had a great time recounting some of our stories to our families. Well, that pretty much wraps that up! That was my Italian Adventure from Milano to Roma back to Milano and home again! Hope you enjoyed it!