Burton Jackets

Photo 498

anne in jack's new burton jacket

That is Jackson’s new Burton jacket — anne thinks she’s really gangster wearing it, and well, Jackson, I think he’s confused. They are the only two who actually like the jacket. Ok, so maybe that’s a bit harsh…:) No, we all have so much fun together and this was no exception — it gave us a reason to laugh a little bit.

The End is Near

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Four more weeks and this semester is over and then I will be in the last semester of my undergraduate career. Hallelujah. I can’t say I will miss it. However, I have learned some very important things these past couple of years and they really aren’t even about the academics. Of course, there are things that I learned in the classroom, like how to write a Senior Thesis, research methods, etc. But the more important things have been all about real life.

I’ve learned how to love those who are seemingly unlovable. God has been gracious to show me that I have been called to sacrificially love those he puts in my life — even when they are hard to love and that he will give me grace and strength to do it. I love this, because ultimately it points to God’s greatness and glory in our lives.

I have been blessed with two extra years at home with my family. This has truly been wonderful. I have enjoyed the time with my three younger siblings and have also seen what was a good relationship with my parents turn into a wonderful one full of blessings. My parents have faithfully walked out the gospel in their marriage and in our home. I have seen them endure things and walk through trials with quiet strength, grace and complete faith in a good God. So now that these two years are almost over and I’ll be leaving again (for good), I will leave this time confident that it’s time and excited about what is to come, but also sad to see another chapter close.

God is faithful and good. Definite ongoing lessons that I’ve learned over the past couple of years. I’ve seen God’s sovereign goodness in the midst of great tragedy and suffering and his unwavering faithfulness to his people. I have also seen his goodness in the wonderful blessings that he showers on us, most recently it is in the form of LOVE! yay for weddings. No, but really, isn’t God good in the way he provides husbands and wives? I think it’s so wonderful to see how he orchestrates our lives and uniquely brings two people together for his glory. Yep, I’ll be in Brazil for a wedding in May!!! Beaches, here I come!!

I’ve also learned that distance really does make the heart grow fonder. 🙂 I praise God for these girls who, though far away, are some of my best friends and confidantes. Of course, I miss you all like crazy and wish that we could hang out and have some gabbadventures, I still appreciate your friendships and love you more than ever!

Oh yeah, I have finally gotten over my fear of calling people. I used to hate calling anyone who wasn’t in my family or in RM’s family. I am proud to say that I am officially over this fear 🙂