cupcakes and cappuccini



These are the days that I love. I love weekends at home with my family. I love that my sister takes pictures of EVERYTHING and I love her thoughtfulness and servant’s heart. I love that my dad surprises us with goodies from Stickboy on lazy Saturdays. I also love his great sense of humor and his steadiness. I love that my little buddy, who is not so little anymore, loves to keep me updated on the sports world and tell me jokes. I love that my mom is not only someone who parents me and gives me wise counsel, but is now someone I count as one of my very best friends. I love that Jackson is so thoughtful and generous. I love that he is my friend. I love enjoying sweet treats with these wonderful people. I love that we are so goofy and constantly laughing about something. I love that it is fall. The crisp, cool air is my favorite. I love the noise and flurry of activity when everyone is home. It’s nice to be home.