wait, it’s November??

Oh my goodness, I just realized that it’s November! I mean I knew in my head that it was November — I’ve been excited about Thanksgiving break (in two weeks) all week. But it really never hit me that we were actually in NOVEMBER. This semester has seriously flown by. No, I am so not kidding, I feel like yesterday was August and the first day of class. What happened??? This seems like yesterday…


august - jackson & anne kayaking

…but it was three months ago! This feels pretty recent too…


walking on the beach with my thoughts -- september

ahhh, that was September??!! Where has time gone? This year is going to be over before I know it! I’m still not used to writing 2009 on my papers and assignments. I’m not even used to being my correct age — I’m about to have a birthday and be a year older too. The other day I told someone that I was 18…wow. Haven’t been 18 in a LONG time. That’s so weird. Maybe that’s the age I feel like I should be? Maybe?? Haha, or maybe I just lost it. Finally. Oh and of course I can hardly believe that I’ve been home from this gorgeous place for three weeks…


tuscany - october

plus, it’s not even the beginning of november! it’s already almost half way over!!! I guess this is what happens when you are as busy as I am this semester — the days go by faster because there is never enough time to get it all done! Wheewww, happy November!