Music I’m a lovin’

Here is some of the music that I’m listening to right now…there’s some really good stuff, so listen up!

Mark Mathis

I’m definitely in love with his “We Both Was Young” album. It’s at the top of my list right now. Can’t stop listening to it. His style is acoustic/singersongwriter/folk-rockish. His lyrics are thoughtful and poignant and have a lot of depth. You should definitely check him out.

Kathryn Williams

She is definitely of the singer/songwriter breed and she is excellent at what she does. She sees the world differently than most, I suspect, and translates that into her music.


Alternative. Philosophic. Melancholic. Interesting. Listen to her.

Ray LaMontagne

Of course, Ray LaMontagne. Still love him. He’s great…if you haven’t heard him, you must.