Saturday||My Day in Photos

Weekends are great…you get to sleep in, relax and have fun doing all the things you don’t get to do during the week. Here is my day in pictures!


homemade hot cocoa for breakfast!

I woke up this morning and made some delicious hot cocoa and nutella toast (i was in a chocolatey-hazelnuty-kind of mood)…After that I hit the books, yep, I was a good student and began working on my French Revolution paper about deposing King Louis XVI…


degree of the NA to suspend the king...:)

I love this. It makes me feel like I accomplished a lot to see all the blue-writing on the page…it’s kind of pretty, I think.


it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Oh my goodness, it was a beautiful day — low 70’s (ahh, it’s November, amazing), with clear blue skies and just a slight breeze.


jackson at his place of work with a sticky bun


and one more time...

we took him his letter and we got…SMOOTHIES!


smoothie -- strawberry and banana with orange juice base...yummy

Hey, thanks Jack! Mmmmhmmm, delish!


cakes and pastries..yummy

After that Anne and I headed home and enjoyed the great weather a little longer…


sunny day. gorgeous weather.


anne outside on the deck enjoying the weather

Did I mention that the weather was amazing today? Seriously, though it was such a mood booster after a week of rain and dreariness.


uggs vs rainbows in november

It’s November and I was wearing uggs and she was wearing rainbows






trying to figure out a's encrypted message





OH! Honey for a Child’s Heart, not Money for a Child’s Fart…oh Anne, nice try.


GOT IT. Haha

Haha, it was seriously hilarious. Anne get so confused sometimes. It makes for some really hilarious situations.


and there IT is

Had to go buy it for dear mummy. After that, CHINESE food. Yummy.


why do Chinese restaurants always have smiley faces?



anne serving it up

and that was my day thus far…