the music man

He carried a guitar, a harmonica and a small portable amp. He walked over to the lone picnic table overlooking the mountains and set up and started to play. He started out with some jazz standards — Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” won us over. Mitchell enthusiastically clapped after the first song. We all enjoyed it immensely. Then came the first little group. They were all bubbly and happy and carried big baskets full of food and colorful table cloths, cups and napkins. They began working like busy bees; they set up the table and then went back and forth to cars carrying things and juggling the cute little boy. We just watched.

ignore the ugly picture of's the scene though 🙂

A steady stream of guests arrived every few minutes and they all brought some kind of edible treat with them. They were celebrating a marriage. The groom was Indian and the bride and her family looked like they were Eastern European. Anyway, they now lived in Ohio, or something. But they were getting married at a friend’s house in the mountains and family and friends were all meeting for the first time. This was the site of the rehearsal dinner. The music continued and added such romance and delight to the entire scene. It was one of those fly on the wall moments. I love people watching.

Why were we there? Ha, well we went hiking and A and M and I did more of a trail run than a hike, but the rest of the group took their time, so we finished an hour before they emerged from the woods, so we waited and watched.