We <3 iSight Cameras

J, E, K, & S

Oh, how I LOVE my friends. And, oh how we LOVE our iSight cameras. Yep, we pull the good ol’ mac out and have a BIG time just about every time we get together. Our creativity starts to flow when the little green light starts blinking. Or maybe it doesn’t….maybe it’s just frightening…well, either way we have a TON of FUN being silly and crazy and laughing until we cry!

Gem and Sabby

I’ll post the corresponding videos to these photos later! Just wait to be amazed. Ha yayayaya. That was for you, Eliza.

Hooray for stupid inventions

Flying Harness

“Birdman Leo Valentin demonstrates his method of flying from a special harness, just before his disastrous flight.”

Hahahahahaha, this made me laugh so hard. It’s so something that, if I could think it up, would try to do. I love the plastic wings and the little playground-esque pole that he is suspended from. Well, this stupid invention, though it didn’t work gave me a good laugh.

These beautiful snowy days…

Friday Night...

A little bit of snow on Friday…

Saturday Morning!

Even more snow! There is even more today, too!


A & M playing in the snow

They built a cute little snowman!

Mitchell with his snowman

Isn’t that a cute little snowman?

Me and Eliza in our pink pants

About to nail Kathryn with a snowball

The snowball fight got pretty intense 🙂 My snowballs kept falling apart, so I resorted to hurling large chunks of snow/ice at people. They stung a little bit more! It was so fun — I got nailed a couple of times too though.

and she's down

Poor Kathryn decided to wear jeans…we really aren’t sure why she didn’t wear her snowpants. It seems like a very irrational decision, but that’s what she did! Kathryn, why did you wear jeans again? 🙂

taking a break from the fighting 🙂

Here we are sitting down in our little snow chairs!

about to sled down a flight of stairs

This didn’t work so well…we all fell off and got buried in the massive amounts of snow. So, we decided to go to a BIG hill. Mt. Thorn.

Getting ready to go down the hill!

We had a blast playing in the snow. Then we came home and watched some movies, ate some food and made a birthday cake!

What to do on a snowy day?

Eliza, Kathryn and I were faced with the question of what to do on a cold, snowy, wintery day. We didn’t really want to venture out into the snow and wind again, so we knew we would have to do something inside. “We should make a music video!” said Eliza. Everyone quickly agreed and we began the search for the perfect song. Full of good ideas, Eliza exclaimed, “How about Mickey?” YES! We had found the perfect song. We made an epic video on the first try, however, because of my stupidity, I forgot to save it, and then the application unexpectedly decided to quit and BOOOOOO. Immediately we knew that we HAD to call Jordan. He is pretty much my go to guy for tech questions…BTW a HUGE thank you to Jordan. Although we couldn’t recover the whole thing our favorite two parts were saved. So, again, THANK YOU, JORDAN, you are seriously amazing. So, we had to redo parts and then piece them back together, so it’s not perfect or nearly as epic as the first try, but I’d like to think that it is still pretty cool 🙂 Enjoy! More pictures from the snow later on!


If you’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas, you just might get your wish! We have about 20″ of snow with more to come today, Monday and Tuesday and another round on Christmas Eve. I’ll try to post some pictures later on. It’s such a great time to cozy up by the fire and read a good book or two!

More Pictures from B’Day with Jessica

being funny

Jessica checking out President Obama's new look

I loved every moment that I got to spend with Jessica.  We don’t get to see each other very often, but when we do we always have a great time together. We’ve been friends since we were five years old and even through several moves during elementary and high school we have still stayed close and love being together.


I feel like I could jump off of a mountain and fly right now. I am done with this semester! It’s been…well interesting to say the least. It’s been so incredibly busy and I am not at all sad that it’s over. Grateful for the lessons learned, but not sad. It’s a great feeling to walk out of that last exam and have those classes behind you, never to see them again (well for most of us anyway – now failing would be a miserable experience, not only because of the pain of the F but to know that you actually have to go back and try again…ouch.). Ahhhh, I’m so glad to be done and will hopefully be refreshed and ready to go back in January!

Birthday Fun with JLP

Birthday Fun in Blowing Rock

Jessica came up yesterday and we had a blast over dinner and our favorite movie, “Emma.” I mean come on you have to LOVE Mr. Knightley. We went shopping and Jessica bought the GORGEOUS blue coat from the picture. She has a slight obsession with winterwear. Don’t get in her way when she sees a coat…I mean seriously, watch out. She won’t hesitate to take you down. It’s great. Then we froze our noses off in my room. The heater turned off and we were bundled up under the covers, but our heads were out in the elements so that we could breathe. It was rough. Then she made fun of my trophy. The only one I have ever won. I was HURT. I mean, I thought I was pretty cool to have won 1st place in the Spanish CultureBee. However, she MOCKED me to my face and HURT my feelings. Today we walked all around BR and had a lovely time. We had dinner at Char. It was delicious and a great little place. We both celebrated our 21st birthdays with a glass of Chardonnay.

all i want for christmas is…nick?

Well, to be more specific, all i want is Nick’s Famous Roast Beef. Generally speaking, I avoid greasy, fatty, processed foods like the plague — just ask my family. Nick’s is so delicious that I just can’t help myself. I am craving a Super Beef on an Onion Roll with a large fry and a coke to drink (I don’t drink soda, but there’s something about this combination). One cold wintery night I picked my friend, Hannah, up from the airport and we started driving back to Gordon. She hadn’t eaten dinner yet and was so hungry. Well, Lane was closed and so was everything else in Wenham and most everything in the surrounding area was too. These quaint little towns are beautiful and lovely, but everything closes around 8pm. So, we pass Nick’s Famous Roast Beef and see that it’s open and realize that it’s our only choice. I pull in and we had our doubts, but we were hungry. Hannah ordered a Super, a fry and a coke. We got back into the car and started driving. Then I started hearing Hannah mmmmmming and saying that it was delicious and that I had to try it. So, reluctantly I put the beef in my mouth and immediately my mouth was watering and my eyes got big. It was like heaven in sandwich form. OOOoooh, so good. Then I ate a large mouthfull of greasy fries and a big gulp of coke and knew I was a fan for life. So good. We ate there every night for a week. It’s a great thing I don’t live up there anymore — my arteries would be at great risk if I lived within a 180 mile radius of that place. So, that’s all I want. 🙂

a super beef