Birthday Countdown

It’s December and my birthday countdown is at TWO days! For some reason I am super excited about my birthday this year. I’m not even going to do anything fun on the actual day — I’ll be in class from 8am to 8pm. That’s going to be rough…maybe I’ll wear a party hat and bring cupcakes with me. Haha, that would be really funny. However, Saturday I get to do something fun with my family and then the next weekend my dear friend Jessica is coming up to celebrate our birthdays! I’m so excited about that — we are exactly a week apart and we used to always celebrate our birthdays together, but distance and time have prevented us the last couple of years. Then, in early January, Rach and I are going to Charleston and will celebrate there. So, basically I’m just going to do birthday all month long.

It’s weird though, I feel like I just had last years birthday. I told someone that I was 18 the other day. I don’t know, time is flying by! Haha, I might be almost 21, but someone else thought that I was a sophomore in high school. At least I’ve moved into looking like a high school student instead of a twelve year old middle schooler. Seriously though, it feels like yesterday that I was turning 10 and going into the double digits or my sweet sixteen in London. I remember my sixth birthday in particular. I remember hearing my grandparents pull into the driveway and running outside to see them and being so excited about the cake. I don’t know why that birthday stands out in my mind. Anyway, birthday countdown is officially down to two days! Bye for now!


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