all i want for christmas is…nick?

Well, to be more specific, all i want is Nick’s Famous Roast Beef. Generally speaking, I avoid greasy, fatty, processed foods like the plague — just ask my family. Nick’s is so delicious that I just can’t help myself. I am craving a Super Beef on an Onion Roll with a large fry and a coke to drink (I don’t drink soda, but there’s something about this combination). One cold wintery night I picked my friend, Hannah, up from the airport and we started driving back to Gordon. She hadn’t eaten dinner yet and was so hungry. Well, Lane was closed and so was everything else in Wenham and most everything in the surrounding area was too. These quaint little towns are beautiful and lovely, but everything closes around 8pm. So, we pass Nick’s Famous Roast Beef and see that it’s open and realize that it’s our only choice. I pull in and we had our doubts, but we were hungry. Hannah ordered a Super, a fry and a coke. We got back into the car and started driving. Then I started hearing Hannah mmmmmming and saying that it was delicious and that I had to try it. So, reluctantly I put the beef in my mouth and immediately my mouth was watering and my eyes got big. It was like heaven in sandwich form. OOOoooh, so good. Then I ate a large mouthfull of greasy fries and a big gulp of coke and knew I was a fan for life. So good. We ate there every night for a week. It’s a great thing I don’t live up there anymore — my arteries would be at great risk if I lived within a 180 mile radius of that place. So, that’s all I want. 🙂

a super beef


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