Birthday Fun with JLP

Birthday Fun in Blowing Rock

Jessica came up yesterday and we had a blast over dinner and our favorite movie, “Emma.” I mean come on you have to LOVE Mr. Knightley. We went shopping and Jessica bought the GORGEOUS blue coat from the picture. She has a slight obsession with winterwear. Don’t get in her way when she sees a coat…I mean seriously, watch out. She won’t hesitate to take you down. It’s great. Then we froze our noses off in my room. The heater turned off and we were bundled up under the covers, but our heads were out in the elements so that we could breathe. It was rough. Then she made fun of my trophy. The only one I have ever won. I was HURT. I mean, I thought I was pretty cool to have won 1st place in the Spanish CultureBee. However, she MOCKED me to my face and HURT my feelings. Today we walked all around BR and had a lovely time. We had dinner at Char. It was delicious and a great little place. We both celebrated our 21st birthdays with a glass of Chardonnay.


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