These beautiful snowy days…

Friday Night...

A little bit of snow on Friday…

Saturday Morning!

Even more snow! There is even more today, too!


A & M playing in the snow

They built a cute little snowman!

Mitchell with his snowman

Isn’t that a cute little snowman?

Me and Eliza in our pink pants

About to nail Kathryn with a snowball

The snowball fight got pretty intense 🙂 My snowballs kept falling apart, so I resorted to hurling large chunks of snow/ice at people. They stung a little bit more! It was so fun — I got nailed a couple of times too though.

and she's down

Poor Kathryn decided to wear jeans…we really aren’t sure why she didn’t wear her snowpants. It seems like a very irrational decision, but that’s what she did! Kathryn, why did you wear jeans again? 🙂

taking a break from the fighting 🙂

Here we are sitting down in our little snow chairs!

about to sled down a flight of stairs

This didn’t work so well…we all fell off and got buried in the massive amounts of snow. So, we decided to go to a BIG hill. Mt. Thorn.

Getting ready to go down the hill!

We had a blast playing in the snow. Then we came home and watched some movies, ate some food and made a birthday cake!


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