What to do on a snowy day?

Eliza, Kathryn and I were faced with the question of what to do on a cold, snowy, wintery day. We didn’t really want to venture out into the snow and wind again, so we knew we would have to do something inside. “We should make a music video!” said Eliza. Everyone quickly agreed and we began the search for the perfect song. Full of good ideas, Eliza exclaimed, “How about Mickey?” YES! We had found the perfect song. We made an epic video on the first try, however, because of my stupidity, I forgot to save it, and then the application unexpectedly decided to quit and BOOOOOO. Immediately we knew that we HAD to call Jordan. He is pretty much my go to guy for tech questions…BTW a HUGE thank you to Jordan. Although we couldn’t recover the whole thing our favorite two parts were saved. So, again, THANK YOU, JORDAN, you are seriously amazing. So, we had to redo parts and then piece them back together, so it’s not perfect or nearly as epic as the first try, but I’d like to think that it is still pretty cool 🙂 Enjoy! More pictures from the snow later on!


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