Ringing in the New Year

I have always loved traditions. Maybe that’s why I chose to study history — there’s just something about the past and the comfort of age old traditions that I love.  That’s why Boston is my favorite city and I prefer style to fashion and why I love the holidays with all of their crazy traditions. Well one of my absolute favorite traditions is a relatively new one, about 25 years old. Every year my family spends New Year’s Eve and the following couple of days with our dear friends, the Williams. We hunker down at either their house, our house or occasionally somewhere like the beach and spend several days laughing until our sides split, catching up, playing games, shopping, watching movies, eating way too many M&M’s and just enjoying each other’s company. I have spent every New Year’s eve with them since I was born with the exception of two – one year we all had the flu and rescheduled to the next weekend and the other year their family was sick. This year we welcomed a new member into our fold 🙂 He was a wonderful addition and only added to the fun and great company.

David, Bekah, Jamie

Poor David got kind of cut out 😦

Me and Uncle Shaughan

I told you I loved my iSight camera.


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