Self Forgetfulness

“Heaven will not be a hall of mirrors, but self-forgetful ever-expanding enjoyment of the glory of God.”

I came across this little reminder and nugget of truth a couple of nights ago as I was twittering…yes, I know, hardly a self-forgetful activity…:) Anyway, I thought it was such a good reminder. Self-absorption can be so burdensome. I mean thinking about myself all the time and worrying about how I’m perceived by others and what I look like and how well I’m performing…it’s all so tiresome. But that’s the beauty of Christ and the gospel! We are freed up from looking inward, instead, we have the infinite beauty of Christ to gaze upon. No longer do we have to stare inward, constantly thinking about ourselves, but now we look up and out and are changed. As Psalm 34:5 says “Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.” Obviously, this doesn’t mean that there is never an appropriate time for us to be introspective and take a look within. It is not until we realize and understand our sin and the huge gulf which it creates between us and a perfectly Holy God that we can truly understand the cross. However, I do suspect that we will have greater joy by looking to the gloriousness of God and gazing upon the cross of Christ more than we look inward.


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