So, Now the Semester Begins…

Wow, I’ve had an amazing break. I have enjoyed the time with friends and the break from school and the relaxing time with family. In a word, it’s been wonderful. We’ve been through power outages, which were actually quite fun — we all bunked together at the Hodges and made some epic videos. Really, the whole break has been so much fun and I am sad to see it go. I already miss all of my friends and am sorry that it’s all over. It’s weird to think that this was my last Christmas break as a college student. It’s all going to be different from here on out…a good different, hopefully, but still different nonetheless. Ahh, well, it was a good note to end on!

three of my favs - the red monkey group

aren’t they cute? I love them all. They are so funny together.

Goofy picture!

me and jonathan

thanks for the drink! i’ve been waiting for, what, four years? haha, good times.

beautiful ladies!

AGGHHHh, so photogenic! I love you both!

sleepover time

Haha, this sleepover was amazing. Unfortunately, I had to work the next morning and pooped out around 11:45ish. Thanks to Becca I was able to get a little bit of really good sleep — she gives the best head massages EVER. Then I’ve been told I gave quite the hilarious show when I woke up a couple of hours later dying of thirst. It’s all quite hazy to be honest, but I remember waking up and desperately needing water. Well, it was fun!


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