Last semester of senior year has officially begun


You know how the closer you get to something the harder it is to wait? Like when you are really hungry and the food takes AGES to come out? Or when you really, really, really have to go to the bathroom on a roadtrip? Yes, well, college graduation is no exception. I am beyond ready to graduate. Last semester I was pretty resigned to the fact that I had two more semesters to go. But now, I am so close and yet so far away. Five classes, to be exact, stand in my way. Due to poor planning on my part I have two Senior Seminars this semester — Bodies: Personal and Public and Religion and Marxism. They are sure to be difficult and hopefully interesting. Anyway, today was the first day and I just had to laugh a couple of times. Ohhh, yeah, it’s going to be interesting!

On a funny note, stupidly I decided to wear these cute little brown booties…however, they have no traction and little spikey heels. Bad move. There is still a lot of leftover snow and sludge on the sidewalks. I almost fell about a dozen times. Thankfully I have some amazing skills and I prevented the fall. It was quite a balancing act!


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