**Images from http://www.samaritanspurse.org — visit their site for more pictures and to learn how you can help.

The magnitude of the situation in Haiti is mind-boggling. The suffering is heart breaking. There are so many stories of families losing their loved ones. Countless individuals have lost limbs and are in great pain due to injuries, that if sustained here, in the US, would have been easy to treat. Infection sets in, people are hungry, thirsty and desperate. It really is overwhelming to see and hear about the tremendous suffering that the nation is going through right now.

We know that tragedies and suffering and pain will occur. We also know that we are secure in Christ Jesus and that in everything He does is according to his good purpose. I am encouraged as I hear about the increasing faith of the  Christian Haitians during this dark time of intense pain. I keep thinking about this quote from John Piper, “I don’t think Christ is glorified anywhere more than when suffering people rejoice in him as their treasure.”

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