The Striped Scarf

There are just some things that I won’t ever forget – it’s not that they are all special times or particularly wonderful moments, but for one reason or another they are imprinted on my mind and are here to stay. Smells, sounds, or things trigger these memories and take me back, just as if I were there reliving it. Today, as I was sitting in class trying hard to focus and  concentrate on the lecture I was taken back and transported to Greenwich Market in November of 2004.

It was a cold, wet November day with a dreamlike quality to it in London, England. I shopped inside the quaint covered Greenwich Market with a piping hot cup of coffee to keep me warm. I perused the stalls, stopping to admire the beautiful things; such as handmade leather journals, pretentious, antique costume jewelry and a beautiful selection of handmade pottery in a variety of colors. I wandered around enjoying the illusion of independence and adulthood, two weeks away from my 16th birthday, as my grandmother and mother allowed me to wander through the small market in England alone. I was in a particularly introspective mood that day – there was so much to think about and take in. I was wandering around wrapped up in my thoughts when I was brought back to the present with my mother standing in front of me saying, “Jamie! Aren’t these beautiful?” Oh and they were. I had wandered over to Row Pinto where my grandmother and mother were already admiring the gorgeous fine-gauge lambs wool products. I picked up a scarf called “Beach and immediately fell in love with the sot, neutral and pastel stripes of different sizes. I know I wanted the scarf, but as soon as I looked at the price tag I knew that it would never be mine. It was about £75 and I definitely couldn’t afford that – afterall I was a poor jobless fifteen year old. But then my grandmother intervened and the scarf was mine.

I am wearing the scarf today and it continues to be one of my favorite accessories of all time. Ever time I wear it I am reminded of that rainy, but somehow magical day in Greenwich.

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