snow + photos = snowy photos :)

sisters 🙂

purple scarf

It was so cold, but the snow was nice and fluffy!

throwing snow

My hands are still red and cold — I forget that I wasn’t wearing gloves.

i love the purple scarf and the green sweater

Oh, isn’t she cute?

in the snow

one more of annie…

i really love that belt...

it’s cold outside, but at least the snow is still pretty. in a few days it’ll be all dirty and gross.

More Snow

and we have more snow...

We finally got rid of the snow from December (except for the big piles) and now we are getting dumped on again. It’s supposed to snow until midnight…

the driveway

I can’t say I’m thrilled with MORE snow, but maybe it will get me out of school a couple of days this week…I think there’s supposed to be some ice too.