They Say It’s Spring…but it’s YOU


I don’t know about all of you, but I am more than ready for Spring. This has been the longest winter…it just won’t stop snowing. Spring is so romantic — everything is beautiful and new and colorful. When I think of Spring this is what I think of: Walking around Paris in a Burberry trench coat with a printed scarf, hand in hand with my man (who is MIA btw, if you see him, send him my way…), as Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald are singing in the background — I always have a soundtrack playing for the different moments in my life, weird? Maybe. These are some things that made me think of Spring and that Parisian day.


Today, I got up as usual and went to work and throughout what could have been a normal and mundane morning, I was reminded of how richly I have been blessed through the friends that God has sovereignly placed in my life. I got to talk to a dear friend on the phone for a few minutes and we caught up and I was encouraged by her as she told me about her weekend. Then I got some messages from two equally dear and wonderful friends who live very far away. It made my morning to be able to connect, even in this small way. One of those friends I have not seen in almost two years! Even if I didn’t see her for another ten though, she would still be counted among my closest friends and confidantes. I used to think and feel that distance could never separate friends, but other friends and time could. Now, I know that is not the case and though busy schedules, other social obligations, and relationships may arise there are some friendships that are based on so much more than just being together and those will last for a lifetime and beyond. I miss my friends a lot. I am in a unique place right now — almost all of my friends live a plane ride away and those who don’t are still a good days drive away. There are a few who are still close by, which is a relief, what would I do without them?? 🙂 What a sweet gift friends are in my life. I appreciate all of you and am thankful for the time that we have spent together and the wonderful memories that have been made.

the end of the snow?

Well, I really was going to post part 2 of the Milano car adventure, but I couldn’t recall all of the details of the story and I also wondered if that was a little much…anyhow, after a lot of back and forth and debate (with myself…) I decided to use my better judgment and not post the second half…if you must know what happens, you can give me a call and I’ll fill you in…:)

I left the mountain this weekend and enjoyed a couple of days in the warm weather. Sunny and 60s. Absolutely perfect. I hear we are supposed to get more snow on Tuesday…not exactly looking forward to that. I tell you, I am so over snow and cold and wind. All of this depressing weather has made me go crazy. I just want to wear the cute springy dresses that I bought. Oh and you can’t forget the cute heels too. It’s sad. I mean I love winter, to a certain extent. There’s a certain cozy quality that it has. But this winter has been too much — too much snow, too much cold and too long. Well, my two days of sunshine were wonderful, so that will have to last me through the next winter storm.

Here’s the excitement of the day: Anne’s hair caught on fire. It stunk up the house major. It was horrifically funny. If you didn’t already know this I have this really bad problem…I always laugh at the most inappropriate times. Never fails. Well, I was on the phone leaving a message, when all of the sudden I hear shrieks coming from upstairs. I mean loud screams. She was in hysterics. I thought she was joking around or something, so I continued on with my message. Then Mitchell came to my door and very seriously said, “Umm, J, I think you might to need to come up here. Fast.” Uh oh, I knew something was wrong. I ran upstairs and first, smelled the charred hair. It was disgusting. Then I saw burned up hair all over the floor. Thankfully she has a lot of hair, so it doesn’t really look like any is missing, although she’s going to get it cut tomorrow and I’m afraid they are going to have to chop a bit off…sad day. Well, I sat there and laughed and she just stood there laughing one second and then crying out in horror the next. Oh, really, there is never a dull moment here!

Until next time,

To Pietragavina and Back

I love funny stories…especially when they involve bathrooms. Okay, I know all of you secretly do too, so just admit it. For some reason I was reminded of a particularly hilarious drive from Milano to Pietragavina with Jason his two little kiddos and Sarah. So here goes….

We got out of church and Bekah quickly headed off with Michael on his scooter to find the closest Farmacia. She needed an antihistamine for her eye and arm. So, the rest of us stood on a little corner trying to figure out who was riding with who — it was kind of funny, no one really seemed to know what was going on and Italians have pretty small cars. Julia and Giorgio arrived which meant Sarah and I had some English speakers to talk to! Well, after a while we finally decided that Sarah and I would ride with Jason and Amber would go with Julia and Giorgio while Bekah decided to go home and recover from her spider bite. We got in the car and had an adventurous ride on a couple of accounts. First off was the driving, we were going really fast and whenever anyone did something that another driver did not like, that driver would get right up on your bumper and tail at extremely high speeds for a little while to show disapproval. That was pretty fun. Plus we were following Stefano, the speed demon, it’s a whole new category of speed demon though. Okay, so there we were rolling along on this Italian highway with the Alps in the distance passing through these gorgeous little towns and countryside, listening to Jason tell us about his wife Allison. Oh, it was so sweet and we got to hear about how they met and how he proposed and how they ended up in Italy. It was lovely. If I try really hard I can almost feel that day — riding in the little Fiat, all three of us in the bench seat in the front with the little boys and Romina in the back, the soft sunshine on my face and the majestic Alps in the distance, the pleasant conversation and little Joshua spewing out perfect Italian in the back along with perfect English to us in the front. Then we got there and it was really breathtakingly beautiful and oh so quaint. Mmmm, I can smell the sausage grilling and the free wine everywhere and all of the fresh produce and cheese. Oh and the castagnas in the fire pit. There was just so much food everywhere. The weather was perfect — high 60s with sunshine. Okay, okay, tangents….

The ride home is what I was really aiming for…it was late we were all tired and we didn’t have Stefano leading us back to Milano. Amber rode home with us — she was in the back with the boys while Sarah and I assumed our previous positions in the front. Joshua quickly fell asleep on Amber and her cozy jacket. It was dark and we quickly plugged Milano into our TomTom and put our complete trust into its’ navigational system. So there we were driving home laughing all the way. Jason began by telling us the story of Luis Carlos, one of his childhood friends (he grew up in Brazil). Well, Luis Carlos had a crush on a girl. He finally got the nerve to ask her out, however, before he was allowed to take her out he had to go have the formal meeting/dinner with the parents at her house. He went and they were all sitting there enjoying a nice dinner. Then it happened. He felt it coming, pretty sure we all know how it feels. The rumbles start coming in your stomach and then it starts hurting and then you know you need to find a toilet, FAST. He quickly excused himself asking for directions to the bathroom. They directed him upstairs. He found the bathroom and relieved himself. Oh it was baaaadddddd…the worst of diarrhea, he was there for what seemed like ages. All he could think about was the fact that it must have seemed like an eternity to those downstairs as well, I mean they were just sitting there at the dinner table, waiting for HIM. Oh boy, first date/meeting the parents was not going well. SOS. Well, he finally finished and was feeling MUCH better. Must have been the nerves was his conclusion. He reached for the toilet paper, but there was none. Uh oh, he started looking in all the corners and the linen closet, much to his chagrin there was not even a square of charmin in sight. He panicked. Then he realized it was okay, he would just use the bidet. He got up off of the toilet and then realized for some odd reason there wasn’t a bidet in this bathroom. WHAT???!!! He thought to himself, what kind of bathroom doesn’t have a bidet? This one. Just his luck. Well, he decided he would use the next best thing, the pedestal sink. He hoisted himself up in an effort to do the next best thing and the next thing he knew he was down…and bleeding and the sink was on the floor with him and the pipe was exposed and quickly flooding the small bathroom. Uh oh. This was just getting worse and worse. His date’s father came running up and called for medical help. Poor Luis had to get stitches and never saw that girl again. Bahahahahaha, I almost passed out I was laughing so hard.

Look for Part 2 tomorrow!



“A holy and good God has covered us with a dark cloud. Oh that we may kiss the rod, and lay our hands on our mouths! The Lord has done it. He has made me adore his goodness, that we had him so long. But my God lives; and he has my heart. Oh what a legacy my husband, and your father, has left us! We are all given to God: and there I am, and love to be.” — Sarah Edwards (who was also suffering from health complications) in a letter to her daughter Esther after the death of Jonathan and also a few weeks following the death of Esther’s husband.

I wrote a term paper a while back about Jonathan and Sarah Edwards’ “Uncommon Union” and always come back to this last letter that Sarah wrote to her daughter following her husbands seemingly premature death. In this letter there is so much hope, peace, and faith in a Sovereign and good God. I love how Jonathan had prepared his family so well for tragedy, death, and suffering — even in the midst of the sadness and tragedy of his death they were able to “adore his [God’s] goodness,” he had led his family well, by example. He served his family well leading them to God’s glory and they knew that joy could exist in the midst of sorrow and suffering.

Come, Lord Jesus! Come!

“Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is.” 1 John 3:2

thank you, Blizzard :)

Who knew blizzards were so amazing? Ha, class was canceled today and tomorrow due to the inclement weather. Thank you snow and wind!!! This news brings me such joy and happiness! It can’t be good that I am this excited about missing school, but what can I say, senioritis is a lot worse than the doctor had originally diagnosed. But really, it’s SO windy and cold here, not to mention all of the snow! Gosh, the piles are going to be here until June! Craziness I say.

To be honest, I really like the snow days — stay home by the fire drink something hot and be lazy. However, I do not like all of the nasty, dirty snow that covers the sidewalks and driveways. I especially hate the ice — I’ve definitely gotten some nasty bruises from slipping on that stuff. YUCK! I also don’t like the fact that I can’t wear cute heels. I am stuck in ugly winter boots that are PRACTICAL….geez. Ooooh, I did get two pairs of really, really, really cute riding boots. So that has made the dreary winter kind of bright. I am still waiting on one pair to arrive, but I wore the black pair today.

Ok, well there are my random mumblings for the day.

Déjà vu

Seriously, every weekend feels like déja vu. I mean It starts on Friday and then by Saturday morning we have been transported to a very white winter wonderland. It’s insane. Yesterday, my mom asked me to put my car in the garage because the someone was coming to scrap the driveway. Well, I really didn’t think that I would be able to move it, but decided to acquiesce and try . Well I went trudging out into the driveway with jeans on. It was great. I scraped the entire two feet of snow off of the windshield and tried to clear the snow directly behind the car. Unfortunately the half of the garage that I was parked directly in front of, was full and so I couldn’t just pull in. Instead I was going to have to back out and then pull into the side of the garage to my right. Well I managed to back up a little bit, but then couldn’t move — I was unable to pull back into the original spot and there was no way I was going to be able to get into the garage. By this time I was already really wet from scraping the windshield. So, I got out and headed into the garage to find a snow shovel. There weren’t any in sight. Mitchell came outside to help me and we deduced that Dad and Jackson had taken all of them to work. Mitchell grabbed a little garden rake and handed my a garden shovel. Armed with our gardening tools we went back to the driveway and tried to dig the car out of the mountain of snow that it was stuck on. After a couple of completely unsuccessful tries we managed to get it back into it’s original spot. We went back inside drenched and freezing cold. It was epic.

I woke up to this on Friday Morning

It was so cold in the house since Dad had left early because of snow team…so, being the wilderness and pioneer woman that I am saved the day by lighting and carrying this heavy heater inside…

We Love this Heater...

Then, Jackson got home…he had a shovel.

Jackson shoveling the driveway

keep going, jack

And then it started to ice…

beginning to ice

This morning I woke up and looked out of my window and thought that most of the snow had melted…so then I put on my glasses and went upstairs to make myself some coffee and breakfast. Well I got upstairs and looked out the huge glass doors looking out the back. Boy was I wrong about the melting…it must have been because I wasn’t wearing glasses.

there was ice...and more snow.

The poor birds can’t eat…their feeder is frozen.

snow feeder

One more of the icy trees.

pretty ice

…With Love

Ooooooh, don’t you just love it when you go to the mailbox and there’s a pretty little pink envelope with your name on it! I do! I got home today from work and found it waiting for me. In the age of e-mail, facebook, twitter, myspace, _____(you fill in your favorite social media platform) it is so much easier to send someone a quick message or text, but I believe that the value of a handwritten, snail mail letter has only become greater in the wake of all of this technology. It is so special to know that someone took the time to sit down and handpick a card just for you and then handwrite it and spend the 42 cents or however much it is now and send it. The card that I received was so sweet and encouraging — just a little I love you and don’t forget that God is sovereign and good note. It made my week! It also reminded me that despite my best intentions I always fail to encourage people by sending little notes–it’s kind of funny, because I have this obsession with paper, I have so many beautiful monogrammed cards sitting in my desk. Well, here’s to trying!