…With Love

Ooooooh, don’t you just love it when you go to the mailbox and there’s a pretty little pink envelope with your name on it! I do! I got home today from work and found it waiting for me. In the age of e-mail, facebook, twitter, myspace, _____(you fill in your favorite social media platform) it is so much easier to send someone a quick message or text, but I believe that the value of a handwritten, snail mail letter has only become greater in the wake of all of this technology. It is so special to know that someone took the time to sit down and handpick a card just for you and then handwrite it and spend the 42 cents or however much it is now and send it. The card that I received was so sweet and encouraging — just a little I love you and don’t forget that God is sovereign and good note. It made my week! It also reminded me that despite my best intentions I always fail to encourage people by sending little notes–it’s kind of funny, because I have this obsession with paper, I have so many beautiful monogrammed cards sitting in my desk. Well, here’s to trying!


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