Déjà vu

Seriously, every weekend feels like déja vu. I mean It starts on Friday and then by Saturday morning we have been transported to a very white winter wonderland. It’s insane. Yesterday, my mom asked me to put my car in the garage because the someone was coming to scrap the driveway. Well, I really didn’t think that I would be able to move it, but decided to acquiesce and try . Well I went trudging out into the driveway with jeans on. It was great. I scraped the entire two feet of snow off of the windshield and tried to clear the snow directly behind the car. Unfortunately the half of the garage that I was parked directly in front of, was full and so I couldn’t just pull in. Instead I was going to have to back out and then pull into the side of the garage to my right. Well I managed to back up a little bit, but then couldn’t move — I was unable to pull back into the original spot and there was no way I was going to be able to get into the garage. By this time I was already really wet from scraping the windshield. So, I got out and headed into the garage to find a snow shovel. There weren’t any in sight. Mitchell came outside to help me and we deduced that Dad and Jackson had taken all of them to work. Mitchell grabbed a little garden rake and handed my a garden shovel. Armed with our gardening tools we went back to the driveway and tried to dig the car out of the mountain of snow that it was stuck on. After a couple of completely unsuccessful tries we managed to get it back into it’s original spot. We went back inside drenched and freezing cold. It was epic.

I woke up to this on Friday Morning

It was so cold in the house since Dad had left early because of snow team…so, being the wilderness and pioneer woman that I am saved the day by lighting and carrying this heavy heater inside…

We Love this Heater...

Then, Jackson got home…he had a shovel.

Jackson shoveling the driveway

keep going, jack

And then it started to ice…

beginning to ice

This morning I woke up and looked out of my window and thought that most of the snow had melted…so then I put on my glasses and went upstairs to make myself some coffee and breakfast. Well I got upstairs and looked out the huge glass doors looking out the back. Boy was I wrong about the melting…it must have been because I wasn’t wearing glasses.

there was ice...and more snow.

The poor birds can’t eat…their feeder is frozen.

snow feeder

One more of the icy trees.

pretty ice


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