thank you, Blizzard :)

Who knew blizzards were so amazing? Ha, class was canceled today and tomorrow due to the inclement weather. Thank you snow and wind!!! This news brings me such joy and happiness! It can’t be good that I am this excited about missing school, but what can I say, senioritis is a lot worse than the doctor had originally diagnosed. But really, it’s SO windy and cold here, not to mention all of the snow! Gosh, the piles are going to be here until June! Craziness I say.

To be honest, I really like the snow days — stay home by the fire drink something hot and be lazy. However, I do not like all of the nasty, dirty snow that covers the sidewalks and driveways. I especially hate the ice — I’ve definitely gotten some nasty bruises from slipping on that stuff. YUCK! I also don’t like the fact that I can’t wear cute heels. I am stuck in ugly winter boots that are PRACTICAL….geez. Ooooh, I did get two pairs of really, really, really cute riding boots. So that has made the dreary winter kind of bright. I am still waiting on one pair to arrive, but I wore the black pair today.

Ok, well there are my random mumblings for the day.


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