the end of the snow?

Well, I really was going to post part 2 of the Milano car adventure, but I couldn’t recall all of the details of the story and I also wondered if that was a little much…anyhow, after a lot of back and forth and debate (with myself…) I decided to use my better judgment and not post the second half…if you must know what happens, you can give me a call and I’ll fill you in…:)

I left the mountain this weekend and enjoyed a couple of days in the warm weather. Sunny and 60s. Absolutely perfect. I hear we are supposed to get more snow on Tuesday…not exactly looking forward to that. I tell you, I am so over snow and cold and wind. All of this depressing weather has made me go crazy. I just want to wear the cute springy dresses that I bought. Oh and you can’t forget the cute heels too. It’s sad. I mean I love winter, to a certain extent. There’s a certain cozy quality that it has. But this winter has been too much — too much snow, too much cold and too long. Well, my two days of sunshine were wonderful, so that will have to last me through the next winter storm.

Here’s the excitement of the day: Anne’s hair caught on fire. It stunk up the house major. It was horrifically funny. If you didn’t already know this I have this really bad problem…I always laugh at the most inappropriate times. Never fails. Well, I was on the phone leaving a message, when all of the sudden I hear shrieks coming from upstairs. I mean loud screams. She was in hysterics. I thought she was joking around or something, so I continued on with my message. Then Mitchell came to my door and very seriously said, “Umm, J, I think you might to need to come up here. Fast.” Uh oh, I knew something was wrong. I ran upstairs and first, smelled the charred hair. It was disgusting. Then I saw burned up hair all over the floor. Thankfully she has a lot of hair, so it doesn’t really look like any is missing, although she’s going to get it cut tomorrow and I’m afraid they are going to have to chop a bit off…sad day. Well, I sat there and laughed and she just stood there laughing one second and then crying out in horror the next. Oh, really, there is never a dull moment here!

Until next time,


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