Today, I got up as usual and went to work and throughout what could have been a normal and mundane morning, I was reminded of how richly I have been blessed through the friends that God has sovereignly placed in my life. I got to talk to a dear friend on the phone for a few minutes and we caught up and I was encouraged by her as she told me about her weekend. Then I got some messages from two equally dear and wonderful friends who live very far away. It made my morning to be able to connect, even in this small way. One of those friends I have not seen in almost two years! Even if I didn’t see her for another ten though, she would still be counted among my closest friends and confidantes. I used to think and feel that distance could never separate friends, but other friends and time could. Now, I know that is not the case and though busy schedules, other social obligations, and relationships may arise there are some friendships that are based on so much more than just being together and those will last for a lifetime and beyond. I miss my friends a lot. I am in a unique place right now — almost all of my friends live a plane ride away and those who don’t are still a good days drive away. There are a few who are still close by, which is a relief, what would I do without them?? 🙂 What a sweet gift friends are in my life. I appreciate all of you and am thankful for the time that we have spent together and the wonderful memories that have been made.


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