the elevator

Today I got stuck in an elevator. I have often thought about what it would be like to get stuck in a small, dark box in between floors of a building. The story in my head usually goes one of two ways — #1: I save everyone in the elevator with my heroic courage and calmness in the face of great danger, or #2: I get stuck in the elevator with none other than my soul mate, we don’t even realize that we have been stuck in a little box with stagnant air for hours because we are having such a grand time getting to know each other. Yep, that’s pretty much how I usually imagine that situation going down. However, as you all probably know by now, my life doesn’t usually go the way I imagine it.

I get inside the elevator in a bit of a hurry. I push L for lobby and wait. Nothing really happens. I think to myself, am I moving? No, I don’t think so. I stand and wait and push the button a few more times. Nothing. Ok, well maybe I should get out and try another one. Push open door. Uh oh, why won’t it let me out, I wonder. Nothing. I stand there frozen for about 5 minutes on the verge of a panic attack. Let me tell you something, five minutes seems like an eternity. I stare at the “call help” button, but think that those things are for losers. No, I’d feel like an idiot if I pushed that button. So I just stand there and try to get out or get it moving. I punch the L button a few more times thinking, wow, L is definitely for losers. Dang, get me out of here! Finally the doors open, but then close before I can get out. Okaaaaayyyy, what now? My heart is racing now. Oh, yes, I think I’m moving, but, wait, I think I’m moving up…? Yes, the doors open! “Are you going down?” asks a friendly man. “Well, trying to,” I respond. So, he and another man get on and then it works like a charm and we’re all down to the lobby in no time. Yep, just like that.

the chinese charger

Anyone who has tried to get in touch with me by phone over the past seven months knows that I am extremely hard to catch. Ha, it almost makes me feel important to be such a hard person to get in touch with, but on the other hand, it’s just plain annoying. So here’s what happened: I was on vacation and one second my phone was charging just fine and the next it wasn’t. Basically the phone is fine and the battery is fine, the problem is the usb port — it got fried or something and won’t recognize the charger. So, for the past 6.5 months I’ve been taking the battery out of my phone and charging it in my mom’s phone…this works ok, but it’s a bit of a hassle and if she or I are ever out of town I’m out of luck, plus with our schedules it’s pretty hard to get that thing charged. So I’ve pretty much lived without a phone. It’s actually been kind of nice being unreachable, except for the times when it’s not…if you know what I mean. 🙂 Well, I finally realized that living without a phone is pretty much not an option (how did we ever get along ore-cellphone??), especially since we don’t have a landline either. I think I could probably manage, but certain people really hate it when I don’t answer — yes, my parents really like to be able to get in touch with me. Anyway, I decided that I had to take action. I found this battery charger online at a pretty sketchy looking cellular store and decided that I did not want to risk ordering it online…but I knew that my brother Jackson would try anything at this point (he too has charger problems) — he really can’t live without his phone, it’s like an appendage or something.

"Universal Battery Charger"

Turns out, it was only $2 and Jackson used his paypal account, so I decided I had nothing to lose. If it worked, it would be worth a whole lot more to be than the $2 I spent and if it didn’t, well, it was only $2 and I didn’t really expect for it to be legit anyway. So, we ordered them and waited…Then a mysterious white package arrived and I knew that it had to be the chargers. I was right. Mitchell and I opened the box to find…

It was in Chinese

It was then that I knew that my first instincts had been correct — it couldn’t possibly be a legitimate charger for $2 + I couldn’t find another similar item by a reputable brand…seriously I couldn’t believe that no one except for some Chinese dealer makes a charger that charges independently of the phone. Really, it is completely beyond me. However, I wasn’t about to just throw it away…for some odd reason, I had hope. Plus, I was just dying laughing, I mean really, it is such a funny little box.

even the directions were in Chinese...

Mitchell and I pulled it out of the box and decided to give it a try…

there it is doing it's thing...or not

notice that my phone is still 100% dead and that it says "powering down"

After three and half hours my phone was still dead as a doornail. That’s when I gave up and decided that I should always go with my gut instinct. Jackson got home a couple of hours later and decided that there was no way that this thing was worthless. His extensive knowledge of Mandarin really helped and he figured it out! So, thanks to this sketchy looking Chinese charger I have a phone again! It’s really quite spectacular. It does take about 10 hours to get the battery fully charged, but hey, it’s way better than nothing! The moral of this story: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

In Love at 19

Something in the way that time stands still
When you walk towards me, I feel
Hope, peace, and eternity, baby

Something in the way your eyes speak
Yeah, they held me close and you breathed
Life into me, 10,000 white doves were released

See how my eyes tell this story
Of a man and his eternal devotion
Throw your head back, girl, and laugh one more time
Now is the season for me and you

Something in the way your voice speaks
As it comforts and uncovers all my needs
‘Cause I’m a wild horse, baby, running through the canyon
And half the time I don’t know what I’m running for

See how my eyes tell this story
Of a man and his eternal devotion
Throw your head back, girl, and laugh one more time
Now is the season for me and you

I know our love is just a reflection
Of all that we want to believe
Come let me lift you up just one more time
Now is the season for me and you

I love this song by Mark Mathis…you should totally check it out. It puts me in a happy dreamy mood.

if i can dream…

A HUGE shoutout and thank you to Sabby for being the best hostess ever (and friend)! I had an amazing time visiting S in NYC. We always have such great times and funky adventures together, but the city took us to a whole new level! We started off by doing a scene with Hugh Jackman at Extra Virgin, a quaint little restaurant. Ok, ok, maybe “doing a scene” with Hugh is a bit of an overstatement, but we were extras in a scene with him…there were only four extras, which totally makes us like star extras. We were sitting about 3 feet away from him, it was pretty amazing. We were totally star struck…we played it cool though.

extra virgin

We just had a wonderful time catching up and talking about…well anything and everything. It was so great, I seriously can’t describe how much I loved just being with dear S! She also got me completely addicted to a new reality show called “If I Can Dream,” it’s very Truman Show-ish…cameras rolling 24/7. It’s really entertaining — it’s about five artists who move to LA to pursue their dreams. We decided that we are going to be on next season’s show. Sadly, I don’t have a dream, so we decided that my dream is going to be to make her dream happen! I am the mastermind behind our future empire 🙂 Anyway, you should check the show out. I’ts pretty cool.

Well, we had a fabulous time  — lots of eating, laughing, you know, the usual. You should definitely check our blog for pictures and other fun stories that are sure to come…

One more picture just for fun…

g & s

More next time! *G


via cake wrecks

Maybe I am just easily entertained, but I laughed so hard (by myself) when I saw this…I think it’s great. Such an Amelia Bedelia kind of thing!

Not for the faint of heart

Today, Winter has defiantly stormed in and showed us that he means business. It ain’t over till it’s over. With a brief break and the promise of warmer temperatures and sunny skies we all got excited and started to believe that Spring might actually come. But alas, it is not true. Winter is here to stay and it’s back in full force. The forecast said that we would get a dusting today — not so, we have at least three and a half inches. This morning I even sat on the deck for a few minutes and thought to myself, “Wow, it’s not that cold this morning…” Well, temperatures must have dropped since the early morning. I went to my first class and came outside to a heavy snow and white, slippery sidewalks. School was even cancelled. It’s just craziness I tell you. This winter has been unusually long and snowy without any reprieve. Normally, we have at least a couple of weeks scattered between November and March with sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. We’ve had snow almost every weekend since the first week of December. Or so it seems, there might have been a couple that didn’t see the white fluffy stuff. Well, hold on and stay strong in the face of the blustery winds, freezing temperatures and fluffy flakes!