if i can dream…

A HUGE shoutout and thank you to Sabby for being the best hostess ever (and friend)! I had an amazing time visiting S in NYC. We always have such great times and funky adventures together, but the city took us to a whole new level! We started off by doing a scene with Hugh Jackman at Extra Virgin, a quaint little restaurant. Ok, ok, maybe “doing a scene” with Hugh is a bit of an overstatement, but we were extras in a scene with him…there were only four extras, which totally makes us like star extras. We were sitting about 3 feet away from him, it was pretty amazing. We were totally star struck…we played it cool though.

extra virgin

We just had a wonderful time catching up and talking about…well anything and everything. It was so great, I seriously can’t describe how much I loved just being with dear S! She also got me completely addicted to a new reality show called “If I Can Dream,” it’s very Truman Show-ish…cameras rolling 24/7. It’s really entertaining — it’s about five artists who move to LA to pursue their dreams. We decided that we are going to be on next season’s show. Sadly, I don’t have a dream, so we decided that my dream is going to be to make her dream happen! I am the mastermind behind our future empire 🙂 Anyway, you should check the show out. I’ts pretty cool.

Well, we had a fabulous time  — lots of eating, laughing, you know, the usual. You should definitely check our blog for pictures and other fun stories that are sure to come…

One more picture just for fun…

g & s

More next time! *G


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