the chinese charger

Anyone who has tried to get in touch with me by phone over the past seven months knows that I am extremely hard to catch. Ha, it almost makes me feel important to be such a hard person to get in touch with, but on the other hand, it’s just plain annoying. So here’s what happened: I was on vacation and one second my phone was charging just fine and the next it wasn’t. Basically the phone is fine and the battery is fine, the problem is the usb port — it got fried or something and won’t recognize the charger. So, for the past 6.5 months I’ve been taking the battery out of my phone and charging it in my mom’s phone…this works ok, but it’s a bit of a hassle and if she or I are ever out of town I’m out of luck, plus with our schedules it’s pretty hard to get that thing charged. So I’ve pretty much lived without a phone. It’s actually been kind of nice being unreachable, except for the times when it’s not…if you know what I mean. 🙂 Well, I finally realized that living without a phone is pretty much not an option (how did we ever get along ore-cellphone??), especially since we don’t have a landline either. I think I could probably manage, but certain people really hate it when I don’t answer — yes, my parents really like to be able to get in touch with me. Anyway, I decided that I had to take action. I found this battery charger online at a pretty sketchy looking cellular store and decided that I did not want to risk ordering it online…but I knew that my brother Jackson would try anything at this point (he too has charger problems) — he really can’t live without his phone, it’s like an appendage or something.

"Universal Battery Charger"

Turns out, it was only $2 and Jackson used his paypal account, so I decided I had nothing to lose. If it worked, it would be worth a whole lot more to be than the $2 I spent and if it didn’t, well, it was only $2 and I didn’t really expect for it to be legit anyway. So, we ordered them and waited…Then a mysterious white package arrived and I knew that it had to be the chargers. I was right. Mitchell and I opened the box to find…

It was in Chinese

It was then that I knew that my first instincts had been correct — it couldn’t possibly be a legitimate charger for $2 + I couldn’t find another similar item by a reputable brand…seriously I couldn’t believe that no one except for some Chinese dealer makes a charger that charges independently of the phone. Really, it is completely beyond me. However, I wasn’t about to just throw it away…for some odd reason, I had hope. Plus, I was just dying laughing, I mean really, it is such a funny little box.

even the directions were in Chinese...

Mitchell and I pulled it out of the box and decided to give it a try…

there it is doing it's thing...or not

notice that my phone is still 100% dead and that it says "powering down"

After three and half hours my phone was still dead as a doornail. That’s when I gave up and decided that I should always go with my gut instinct. Jackson got home a couple of hours later and decided that there was no way that this thing was worthless. His extensive knowledge of Mandarin really helped and he figured it out! So, thanks to this sketchy looking Chinese charger I have a phone again! It’s really quite spectacular. It does take about 10 hours to get the battery fully charged, but hey, it’s way better than nothing! The moral of this story: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.


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