the elevator

Today I got stuck in an elevator. I have often thought about what it would be like to get stuck in a small, dark box in between floors of a building. The story in my head usually goes one of two ways — #1: I save everyone in the elevator with my heroic courage and calmness in the face of great danger, or #2: I get stuck in the elevator with none other than my soul mate, we don’t even realize that we have been stuck in a little box with stagnant air for hours because we are having such a grand time getting to know each other. Yep, that’s pretty much how I usually imagine that situation going down. However, as you all probably know by now, my life doesn’t usually go the way I imagine it.

I get inside the elevator in a bit of a hurry. I push L for lobby and wait. Nothing really happens. I think to myself, am I moving? No, I don’t think so. I stand and wait and push the button a few more times. Nothing. Ok, well maybe I should get out and try another one. Push open door. Uh oh, why won’t it let me out, I wonder. Nothing. I stand there frozen for about 5 minutes on the verge of a panic attack. Let me tell you something, five minutes seems like an eternity. I stare at the “call help” button, but think that those things are for losers. No, I’d feel like an idiot if I pushed that button. So I just stand there and try to get out or get it moving. I punch the L button a few more times thinking, wow, L is definitely for losers. Dang, get me out of here! Finally the doors open, but then close before I can get out. Okaaaaayyyy, what now? My heart is racing now. Oh, yes, I think I’m moving, but, wait, I think I’m moving up…? Yes, the doors open! “Are you going down?” asks a friendly man. “Well, trying to,” I respond. So, he and another man get on and then it works like a charm and we’re all down to the lobby in no time. Yep, just like that.


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