I’m still alive…I think :)

Life. Yeppers, it’s been busy lately. First of all, I have been sick on and off for about…let’s say two weeks? Yep, head cold/sinus/allergies + fever = SICK + stomach flu + food poisoning = SICKER + Slavoj Zizek’s “The Puppet and the Dwarf = SICKEST

I have been overwhelmed by reading and writing and trying so hard to finish out my very last semester of college well. I don’t think I’m succeeding, which is the most depressing aspect of this sad situation. I feel so completely comfortable with mediocrity at this point. It’s a terrible place to be and I sort of hate it, but that’s what’s going on right now. Praying that I would be motivated to do my best and work heartily as unto the Lord…Yeah, it’s hard…senioritis is a real and serious problem, folks. Anyway, I’ll be back soonish with pictures and stories!!!

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