My Newest Obsession

Never in my entire life have I ever wanted to spend a single penny on kitchenware. In fact, I have always HATED spending on money on anything other than clothes, travel or food. Sometimes books, but I always preferred to get books as gifts. Wow, that right there folks is a beautiful picture of who I am (NOT)…yeah, anyway, I have never coveted a single pot, pan, serving piece, casserole dish, kitchen appliance, flatware, china, or tea kettle — until now. I always admired pretty dishes and cool appliances, but then thought to myself that I would put them on my wedding registry and worry about it later. Well, now it’s later, but without that nifty thing called a wedding registry where all your family and friends go out and buy the stuff that you need for your new home…well I need some of that stuff, but I’m kind of on my own here. So, for the past couple of months I have been storing up stuff for my apartment (that I’ll have whenever I find that job…) and let me tell you what, I never thought I would actually ENJOY buying pots and pans, but I LOVE it. It’s kind of insane.

Pots and Pans

I have some of these and I love them. I haven’t even used them yet, but I can’t wait to cook with them. Really though I am in love with all of my kitcheny things. It’s great. I’ve also learned to love cooking. I think it’s soo much fun and I’m not all bad anymore. These dishes have also been on my list for a while…

Emma Dinnerware

Yes, I have indeed had my eye on these for a while…Well, that’s all for now — I’m losing steam here, it’s been a loooonnnnnggg day. See you soon!


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