Dear John…

It’s finally summer. Yahooooooooo! We started off our evening at the baseball diamond, kind of fitting for a summer day, huh? I mean, baseball is the classic, summer, all American sport. We watched Mitch’s game (they won!) and then headed home. We got on my huge bed and relaxed and did what we do best: LAUGH. Yep, we traded stories from the semester and busted out laughing. It was great. Then Zizek came up and we decided to destroy that sacrilegious, awful book. We began by ripping the cover off of it and then put in a mud puddle and ran over it in the car. I’m not going to lie, it was fun. Then we went to HT and bought strawberries, magic shell and vanilla icecream to make sundaes! Becca and I picked out ‘Dear John’ and we headed home.

Limes and Pelligrino

It was GOOD

We weren't quite ready for that picture 🙂

Well, ‘Dear John’ wasn’t what I was expecting. In fact I hated it. However, I really felt like the strawberry, chocolate sundae redeemed the evening 🙂 Haha, no but seriously, ‘Dear John’ was so messed up. I was so sad that Savannah would go and marry Tim. It was tragic and no one was happy. And they needed Jesus. But it wasn’t real, so that’s the good news.

See you later!


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