My buddy just had his 13th birthday. I can hardly believe that he is a teenager now. I remember holding him for the first time. Mitchell, even though he is eight and a half years younger than me, is my friend and boy do I love him. I prayed for this guy for over a year before we found out that he was going to be a part of our family. I remember telling my mom that I really wanted another brother or sister. She would laugh and then say to go ask God about it. I did. I prayed every night that God would bring me another sibling. Then, one day when I was eight years old, my parents took their three children out to lunch to tell us that we were going to have a little brother! I couldn’t have been happier. I remember it all. My mom and grandmother went to Korea to pick this precious boy up and bring him back home to us. We all waited with great anticipation for the appointed day and hour. Our entire extended family, church family, friends, homeschool group, everyone we knew, gathered at the airport and waited for Mitchell’s plane to land. We all had balloons and signs and banners. They were close to the last ones off the plane and all of the other passengers wanted to know who in the world Mitchell was. A few of them commented that he must be someone very special. They were right. Mitchell continues to bring all of us so much joy. I love his laid back attitude, his passion for sports, his bright and intelligent mind; his knowledge of Odyssey, and his laugh. He is always ready to help me out and he laughs at all of my stupid jokes and answers my crazy, insane “would you rathers.” Happy Belated Birthday, Buddy!




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