Ryan and Sarah

family photos

Don’t we all just look so happy and excited about the family pictures??? Hahaha, this photo makes me laugh. Some random guy picked up mom’s camera and took some terrible pictures of us while we were trying hard to focus on the photographer’s instructions…haha this just cracks me up.



This one is a little better…at least we are all smiling! Anne and Olivia made me laugh — they are REALLY good at posing for every picture…

Mr and Mrs Gibbs

Congratulations, Ryan and Sarah!!! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Fearrington Village was beautiful and the perfect venue for their wedding.

the girls


first dance as Mr and Mrs G


The first dance was great and so was the band. After that there was non-stop dancing for the rest of the night. People really liked the dancing…

mother/son dance

shake it

These four had an especially good time with the music and dancing. Let me tell you what, they were bustin out the moves. They were just getting started in this picture. It made me laugh. Our family definitely loves a good party.

the whole fam

mom and dad

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Patricia

Pop and Carolyn

still dancing...

me and my buddy

the train

The funniest part of the evening was when we decided to finally leave and the band started playing “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey. That is Anne’s favorite song and we practically had to drag her out. She was singing and dancing and blowing kisses as we left. It was soo funny!

Congratulations to the happy bride and groom! Best wishes!


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