Parkways, Drives…what’s the difference??

mmm pumpkin spice almond milk latte 🙂

See the happy faces? Yes, that was right before we got lost. We left Starbucks (I was feeling quite victorious and sneaky after stealthily paying for Sabby’s latte…), with my handwritten directions to the Consulate to guide us, confident that we knew exactly where we were going. Well….not so much. We left in plenty of time — 30 minutes for what should have been a ten to fifteen minute drive. “Okay, next turn is Northside Drive,” I said. “Ohhh, look there it is!!” We both exclaimed, delighted that it was so easy. “What’s next?” I looked down at the directions, “Umm, Blackland Road SE.” Yeah, we stopped at a gas station and determined that we were in Marietta when we should be in Buckhead. The really annoying thing about that was that we had started out in Buckhead!!!! Panic had now set in and I was in tears. “I’m never going to make it!!” I wailed. Sarah, while driving, was lifting up her hands and appealing to the heavens to get us there on time. After what seemed like an eternity, we made it to the consulate and I was informed that according to Brazilian time, I was right on time!


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