I’m getting settled in and trying to find my routine here. This morning I slept in and talked to the fam back at home and enjoyed coffee and breakfast by myself. Then I went to Giselly’s house and played soccer with Lucas and Power Rangers with Davi. I ate lunch there and then I went with Giselly to take the boys to school and we also went to the grocery store. Then we came home and visited with Avo and Tia. Avo has chickens, and one of the roosters was being a bully and had gotten quite fat, so she decided to have Saulo kill it. It was nasty and kind of made me not want to eat chicken for a while…:) But, I think I’m already over it.

Later on in the  afternoon I went with Giselly and Edir to a language school to see about getting a Portuguese tutor. After that Gi and I went to the gym. Wow. Yeah, basically I felt out of shape. I mean I run a lot at home, but that’s about it. I don’t do a lot of working out aside from running. Our first one hour class was weights. Killer. My arms are soooo weak, but I did it. Then we had a half hour of intense cardio (which was fine, thanks to the running) and then a half an hour of ab workout. I am probably going to be very sore tomorrow, but I’m not yet, so I”m hoping that this is a good sign. I’ll be hitting the gym every day. Whewww. 🙂

Until next time!!



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