Davi 🙂

I’m really enjoying my time here in Brasil so far. This is Davi at physical therapy. He is such a cutie! Today, Giselly said, “Come on, Jamie!” and now Davi says, “Come on, Jamie!” all the time. It’s pretty adorable. Today I went with Giselly to the school where she teaches english. That was quite an experience. Very loud and chaotic at times, but I was really glad that I went. Then, of course we went to the gym and worked out. I really like our teacher on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Here name is Gisele and she is soo funny. She has a motorcycle, which I think I’m going to get to ride…that should be quite the experience. I’ve made some new friends at the gym and am going to go the beach with one of the girls tomorrow.

I also watched my first soccer game since arriving here. I am now officially  a fan of Botafogo. Well, actually I didn’t finish watching the game. So, I hope they won! Botafogo is Wander and Lucas’ team. They are so funny when they watch the game. Botafogo made a goal and Lucas was so excited that he said he wanted to cry. Then he got nervous and was pacing around when the other team was ahead. It was so cute to watch. I really don’t understand all of the rules, but it was fun to watch it with them. I’m sure to get a lot of practice before I come home though — Lucas wants me to play with him a lot and I’m not that good, but it is fun to try. I was pretty excited when I made my first goal.

Hopefully I will get some good pictures of the beach tomorrow. I’ll post more pictures when I have time!

Boa Noite!



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