Me & Camila

Today I went to Niteroi with Camila, my friend from the gym and one of her friends. We had a great time, despite the fact that we didn’t have a language in common. We managed to communicate just fine and I ended up learning a lot of Portuguese. It was a little overcast today, but we still walked along the beach and enjoyed some refreshing agua de coco, or ‘coconut water.’ Mmmmm it’s soo delicious. We also went to MAC — Museu de Arte Contemporânea. It is a really cool round building and has spectacular views, but the art, well, not so much.

Museu de Arte Contemporânea


We were all a bit hungry after walking around the beach and exploring the museum, so we went to this fabulous bakery and got cappuccinos and sandwiches. Oh my, it was so delicious! It was a really cute place, too! I think I’ll definitely go back there. It was fun going out with Camila and Jamila. They were both so sweet and Jamila was pretty funny. I  really appreciated the fact that they spent their whole day showing me around and being so kind to me. They were great at helping me learn Portuguese.

Oh tonight Lucas did not want to eat because he was playing an intense game of soccer on his Nintendo DS and so he told his mom, “Mom, I can’t eat right now. I am fasting.” It was soo funny and cute. Then, Davi did not want to eat his fruit he said, “Mom, I can’t eat this fruit, because today I have fruit allergies.” They are absolutely adorable. Lucas has decided that he is coming home with me and that we are going to go to Paris together. He is very intelligent and wants to learn seven languages.

Well, I keep falling asleep, so boa noite. More later.



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