Elections, Mosquitoes and other things…

Elections — This Sunday they go to the polls to cast their vote for, the American equivalent of President, Senate and House of Representative at the federal and state level. There are signs and posters everywhere for the candidates. There are so many people running for each spot. It’s very different from the US where two candidates are running for a position. In some cases there might be a third candidate who really doesn’t have a chance. Here in Brasil everyone over the age of 18 is required by law to vote. If they choose not to, they will not be allowed to leave the country or have any sort of government job, including teaching in public schools. Cintia and Giselly both work at the polling place on Sunday and I think I am going to go and see what it’s like. I expect it to be very crowded.

Mosquitoes — Ahhhh, they absolutely adore me. I hate them. I have huge welts all over my arms and neck and face. It’s really terrible. They were so bad that Wander (Giselly’s husband and a doctor) had to give me medicine for them. They don’t itch as much as they sting…it really stinks. No one else seems to get bitten. Edir said that they are just attracted to me 🙂 Oh well…

Médico — Avó and Tia love Wander. They call him “Médico” since he is a cardiologist. Every morning they make him breakfast and on Fridays, since he gets home early, they make him coffee and a snack. He has his own little table at their house. It’s really funny! Just cracks me up.


Language — My new Portuguese language book arrived today. Lucas has been quizzing me all evening and teaching me lots of new words. I start with my tutor, Ana, next Wednesday, but until then I think Lucas plans on giving me lessons everyday. He said that tomorrow we have to meet at 12pm to study. He is so cute. I think yesterday was very good for me and today I am beginning to feel like I can understand some of what I am hearing. It’s still very hard, but I think I am making progress and as far as speaking goes, I think that I am using Portuguese more — at least with Lucas and Josefina.

Botafogo — Lucas wants to go shopping tomorrow to buy Botafogo shirts for my whole family. He is so funny. I love him and Davi. Tonight he showed me a UNC Tarheels shirt that my mom gave him in July and he told me that he wants Mitchell to have a Botafogo shirt since he has a shirt from Mitchell’s team. And of course, he wants me to have one as well, and while we are at Anne and Jackson definitely need one too. He is a huge soccer fan and Botafogo is his Brasilian team. I think he also likes Chelsea a lot…

BBQ — Tomorrow I am going to a BBQ at a friend of Giselly and Wander’s house. I’ll take pictures and let you know how it goes!!




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