Today was party time! I went with Giselly, Wander and the boys to a friend’s Birthday Party. They have a gorgeous home with an outdoor kitchen and barbeque pit. It was very nice. There were people everywhere and they had a band playing Samba and people were dancing. Oh my gosh. There was so much food. First servers brought around beer and coke to everyone along with a plate of chicken wings and a selection of meat and grilled bread. Oh it was delicious. They did this several times and then lunch was served. There was food everywhere. Oh and there was a bar of appetizers out for everyone to snack on. We ate and ate and ate. Then dessert. There are simply no words. I have never seen so many desserts at one party. Cakes and puddings and mousse and ice cream and more cakes and fruit and cream. It was really nice.

Oh and this man kept asking me to dance with him. I don’t dance in the US, so I certainly wasn’t about to get up and samba with him. It was funny. He kept asking me and when I would say no, he would say, “oh, just a little??” Oh and nobody worry about it — he was gay, but he really liked to dance. Maybe someday I will learn…:)

Cintia came over tonight and is spending the night here since she has to work the elections here at 7am tomorrow morning. We watched the DVD of her wedding tonight. It was lovely. And Davi was so funny. Oh my goodness, he walked down the aisle and left the flower girl behind and then he started slapping himself and falling all over the place and then he went back up the aisle and all around. It was so funny, we were all in stitches watching it. Lucas brought the rings down the aisle like a pro. He has now decided that I don’t need a language tutor and that he will teach Portuguese. We call him Profesor now. I actually really do learn a lot from him though. He is very patient and helps me all the time.

Tomorrow is election day, so I’m not sure if we are going to church or not. Giselly and Cintia are working all day at the polls, so there won’t be any English speakers here to translate for me tomorrow. But I’m not really worried about it. I’m able to communicate with Edir and Josefina when Giselly is not around. My non-existent Portuguese is improving every day and body language always helps. Oh and with Profesor Lucas here, I’ll be fine. Plus, Wander says he doesn’t speak English, but that’s not entirely true, his English is pretty good.

It’s getting warmer here. Yesterday was the first day that I felt a little bit uncomfortable in the heat. Oh and that was nothing compared to what it’s going to be like in the summer. Gosh, I can only imagine. To me, anything over 85F is sweltering. Thankfully there is air conditioning here in my room. Fall is my favorite season at home and I do regret missing it. I love the changing colors and the cool crisp air and pumpkins and delicious soups and warm sweaters….ahh it’s wonderful. Oh well, this opportunity is once in a lifetime and I’m thankful for it and am so happy to be here.

Well, I’ll try to load pictures tomorrow and post some of the party later.




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